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doing the right thing

Evo™ is a family owned and operated, aussie born and raised brand that has been providing salons across the globe with top-notch professional haircare since ’05. we’re here to give anyone and everyone good hair… no miracle cures, gimmicks, hyped-up ingredients or answers to love, life and other woes. just high quality, professional haircare that speaks the truth with personality.

product sustainability

we work hard to deliver top-notch professional haircare, but we’ll never do so at the expense of others. here is how we create honest products that put performance, people and the planet first.

free from

our ranges are free from sulfates, parabens, dea, tea, propylene glycol and gluten. not because it sounds good but because it’s what you, the people, want.

tested on humans

we don’t test on our furry friends (humans only) and we have the cruelty-free peta accreditation to prove it.


we don’t add hyped-up ingredients just for label claims, over inflate the truth or demonise ingredients. we keep things easy to understand and simple to use.


we are predominantly vegan, with the exception of three* products.

*box o’ bollox, cassius + crop strutters, which contain beeswax and/ or lanolin.

packaging sustainability

from the shape of our packaging to the materials we use, we’re committed to reducing our footprint and meeting the crème de la crème of environmental standards at the same time.


we currently use green pe and are transitioning to pcr (post consumer recycled) plastic so that we’re producing less virgin plastic. and, because our packaging is mostly square, we’re able to fit more bottles into shipping boxes which means less wastage.

friends of the forest

our brushes are made from forest stewardship council® certified hardwood (fsc-c120918), and we use fsc® certified paper for our printed materials.

social responsibility

being the most responsible version of ourselves means supporting initiatives that go beyond products, packaging and printed materials. here’s how we’re giving back to causes that contribute to the greater good.

carbon footprint

we offset operational carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits and own an allotment of trees that allow us to offset the emissions associated with the production of our fabuloso and travel-sized tubes.

greener salons

we partner with organisations like green circle salons to help create a more sustainable professional haircare industry.

pals with the people

we proudly partner with short back & sidewalks who provide haircuts to those experiencing homelessness, free of charge and judgement. we also donate perfectly imperfect stock to homeless shelters and support indigenous communities through ongoing partnerships.

plastic bank

by partnering with plastic bank, we are helping to stop plastic entering our oceans. for every evo retail product sold, plastic bank collection members will collect the same amount of plastic from the environment. they will then be able to exchange it at collection branches for secure income and life-improving benefits.

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